Imaginist: Amy Poehler

We are always in awe of Parks and Recreation‘s Leslie Knope, whose tireless efforts to right wrongs and to make a positive change in her community have served as a strong inspiration for this site. Amy Poehler helped define a show where happiness and kindness is prominent, where friends have undying support for each other, and where diversity is valued. It’s a rare formula for a television show these days, and we were sad to see it end (there’s always Netflix, right? (Dear Netflix – don’t ever stop carrying Parks & Recreation, thanks.)). We love her book, Yes Please, in which her struggles and triumphs are told in a wonderfully honest way. Her chapter on apologies is both heartbreaking and beautiful. But Amy doesn’t just bring inspiration and dedication on-screen and in print. Her real life humanitarian work is admirable! Focusing the majority of her efforts on children’s organizations, Amy works with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO) and is the creator of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, where they promote the value of being smart and changing the world by being yourself. Amy Poehler is most definitely one of our favorite Imaginists.

Take a page from Leslie’s book and remain positive, even when things get hard.